About Us – Pharmacotherapy Medical Service

The Kobi Clinic provides a private pharmacotherapy treatment program to opiate dependent people from appropriately skilled, caring professional staff in a safe and comfortable environment.

We aim to provide a non-judgmental service that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, disability, appearance or personal circumstances.

The Kobi Clinic Vision

The role of the Kobi Clinic is to be a centre for excellence in providing treatment and support to people with heroin and opiate addiction in the community.

Our program  is based on the NSW Health harm minimisation model developed in the 1980’s in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Kobi Clinic was launched in 1989 in direct response to the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS and more recently, Hep C, in intravenous drug users.

Kobi aims to improve the retention rate of people who access a pharmacotherapy treatment program.  The health and well being of the individual as well as the health and safety of the wider community are most important. We work towards treatment outcomes that benefit both.

Kobi Clinic recognises and promotes the right of the addicted person to receive treatment from appropriately skilled, caring, professional staff in a safe and comfortable environment.

Patient and doctor, together, will review progress and set mutually beneficial goals for treatment.